We know water treatment

Our team has been in the water treatment and wastewater collection business for decades.  In "bush" Alaska, water treatment is the easy part. Unstable ground and extreme temperatures make delivering water a challenge. One solution is to deliver water in small trailers to water tanks in the home, but that requires significant time and makes home delivery cost prohibitive. 

Our solution utilizes existing water delivery systems. Then, we recycle, retreat and reuse the water in the home.  

In-home water recycling

Because there are no roads, potable water arrives at the home in a small trailer pulled by an all-terrain vehicle and fills a potable water holding tank. This tank supplies water to the kitchen and bathroom sinks to be used for drinking, cooking and other activities that require potable water. Wastewater from fixtures (not the toilet) is collected, filtered, and disinfected to drinking water quality standards and then it is reused for non-potable uses. Black water from the toilet  is stored in a separate tank outside of the home that is hauled away by a sewage trailer. A locally owned and managed cooperative will monitor and maintain the in-home treatment system to ensure proper functioning. 

The system is built entirely from  off-the-shelf products that have not yet been tested as a unit. Our team will complete one year of lab testing to ensure that the highest quality of retreated water is produced, and to develop  maintenance and operation expense estimates. The lab testing will be followed up by a second year of field testing in occupied homes once permitting has been secured.

In the end, we hope to produce a unit that can be installed in thousands of homes that will finally bring an affordable source of quality water in a sufficient quantity to be healthy. Building and testing the prototype system is a step towards that reality. 


110 gallon water tanks pulled by ATVs (pictured above) are filled at a water treatment plant and used to deliver water to homes. Wastewater is collected in household sewage holding tanks as pictured in the far right photo.  This project would pilot a method to retreat greywater for reuse in approved fixtures.