Our community - our solution

Our team is part of an Alaska Native non-profit whose mission is "working together to achieve excellent health."  For decades, our company has been providing health care and public health services to Alaska Natives living in a remote region that is inaccessible by roads in an area of southwestern Alaska approximately the  size of Oregon.

There are nearly 7,000 households in the region, and less than 40% of them have piped water and sewer service. This is one of the most economically depressed regions in the United States, and hauled water is extremely expensive. Recent research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that when families conserve water they tend to have significant health consequences.

Our team of water and wastewater experts have been developing a solution to this issue for many years with the goal of improving the health of the Alaska Natives and American Indians living in the region. As residents of the region, our team could benefit from a solution to the water delivery issues as well. Our family and friends' health suffer from the lack of affordable water.

We have a vested interest in improving the third-world sanitation conditions in a healthy, practical and economically feasible way.